Our fleet of luxurious vehicles ready available daily for your transport service needs. Our customer can choose the vehicles that we have like the Toyota Innova, Toyota Alphard and Hyundai Starex.


The Fleet

The Toyota Innova is a 7 seater utility vehicle with enough space to accommodate passengers and luggage all together. It is spacious and has a classy style exterior. It is the perfect choice for small to medium-sized families or friends of:

Toyota Innova

  • 6 guests plus 2 mid-size luggage or
  • 4 guests plus 2 to 5 luggage.


The Toyota Alphard on the other hand has emerged as the “people’s choice” luxury multi-purpose van or MPV 8 seater limousine service on the streets of Singapore. It is built with larger interior than the Toyota Innova providing more leg-room for guest and friends.

It has a very impressive exterior design that makes it even more stylish and perfect for professional trips or corporate travel. It is also preferred for airport and hotel transfers with larger luggage.

Toyota Alphard

  • 7 guests plus 4 big luggage or
  • 4 guests plus 8 luggages.


The Grand Hyundai Starex is a 10 seater sports van “road monster” roaming around the city of Singapore and Malaysia. It has the biggest interior design with seats that can be set-up facing each other for many occasions like meetings or just a simple chat along the way! It has the more “Bad-ass” exterior look and a powerful engine that makes it a road monster.

Hyundai Starex

  • 10 to 11 guests plus bags or
  • 8 guests plus luggage.


1.0 Compliant for A Hassle-free Travel MPV private cars are safe and comfortable for a smooth ride from anywhere in Singapore going to Legoland Malaysia and other places in Malaysia.  Passengers are not required to get off from our MPV private car and bring along luggage waiting in long queue to clear immigration and custom at second level of building. Just pass the passports to driver who will pass all the passports to the immigration booth as the driver drive through the border. It’s truly hassle free and save time and much more comfortable if compare to buses. With a choice of Toyota Innova (7 seater), Toyota Alphard (7 seater) and Hyundai Starex (10 seater), customers could select the type vehicle type to meet your private transport service needs especially travel for in long hours to Legoland Malaysia.

Alternative inexpensive and affordable private car transport to go Legoland Malaysia or other places from Singapore is available in the form of public buses. However, you must prepare to get off the buses twice along the journey for Singapore/Malaysia Immigration. You have to take all your belonging and luggage with you for custom clearance. Moreover, bus hopping is inevitable as there is almost no direct public transportation to Legoland Malaysia or other places from Singapore. Last but not least, you would be able to reach Legoland From Singapore in the early morning if you take public bus.

2.0 Affordable Prices & Luxury MPV Car!

The prices that we charge for MPV private car transport service to Johor is the most affordable in town if compare to other same private transport provider. Not only about that, we provide luxury MPV 7 seater for you!!! cap our vehicle features from comfortability,  spacious and hassle-free with a touch of style and affordability.

When customers book us for their transport service needs, they are automatically treated to relax in our fully air-conditioned vehicles. We have the latest models in our fleets bringing in style in our customer’s travel – and all of this comes in a very affordable local rates!

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3.0 Comfortability

MPV fleet is very spacious giving more leg room to our passengers than ordinary cars. Basically, these vehicles are designed to accommodate space that makes it more comfortable to move or turn while seated inside the vehicle.

We make sure also that our fleet’s air-conditioning system regularly checked and to seal the deal of our customer’s comfortability.

Friends and family will definitely enjoy their travel experience from Singapore to Legoland or any places to visit in Malaysia in the comfort of our transport service.

4.0 Safety goal is to provide our customers with an over-all satisfying traveling experience. That is why we make sure that our fleet of luxurious vehicle has a well-maintained engine and regularly washed body and clean interiors to guarantee our customers comfort and safety.

We truly value of safety. Together with our well-experienced drivers, we always remind ourselves to exercise “safety-first” behind our personal needs.

We see to it that a weekly maintenance is done to check on our vehicle conditions that daily, travels back and forth from Singapore to Malaysia.

These maintenance checks cover the vehicle tires, brakes, electrical wirings, tire reserves, gasoline, pedals and almost every nuts and bolts that needs to be tightened.