I was born in a generation where LEGOTMTM was such a big fuss. I remember having a playmate back in Kindergarten, where he’d bring some of his LEGOTMTM collections to school and share to us, his classmates who was not as lucky as him to have them at that time.

That started my fascination for LEGOTM.  From then on, that has always been my Christmas wish to Santa, to my mom and to practically everyone who asked what gift I wanted, whether it is Christmas or my birthday.

So needless to say, even now that I am an adult I’ve been wanting to visit LEGOLANDTM in Malaysia and see if it will still excite me like it does to me many years back. That explains the side trip I made in one of my business trip to Singapore. A quick visit to my dream destination – LEGOLANDTM Malaysia.


LEGOLANDTM is the first theme park and Water Park combined, located in Johor Bahru in Malaysia. The two requires separate entry but it can guarantee absolute fun for the kids and the kids at heart like you and me.

As I was entering the iconic LEGOTM arc, I was kind of feeling like an ecstatic little boy. My adrenaline was high and all too giddy for the day’s event. And boy, I was not disappointed for I saw all imaginable structures, miniatures of different landmarks in Asia and attractive display of LEGOTM in all shapes, sizes and colors!!! It was definitely LEGOTM heaven for me! Not to mention the exciting rides, attractions, shows and interactive experience that will give you absolute fun.

LEGOTM and Malaysia themed park has 7 themed areas namely: The Beginning, LEGOTM Technique, Imagination, LEGOTM Kingdom, LEGOTM City, Land of Adventure and Miniland.


The Beginning as the name suggests, is basically an introduction. Not much to see at least for me except for some shops and retails stores. The LEGOTM Technique has a “little” adult feel compared to the rest as they feature project X Rollercoaster which gives you some adrenaline but not as nerve wracking as those with loops and big drops. This rides although a bit exciting is still suitable for kids.  But my most favorite part is Mindstorms Academy where LEGOTM Robots are programmed and can compete against each other. And my favorite Einstein and his face made of bricks are highlighted. LEGOTM Kingdom on the other hand, lends you a medieval feeling with all the swords, castles, knights and music being played. Not too impressed with the castle as it appears to me they were made from ordinary stuff and not logo bricks. The Dragon Roller coaster which is one of the most popular rides in LEGOTM land is here in this area. Imagination is an area where kids are encouraged to think, build and just let their creative juices flow.  Colors abound. There’s an indoor structure called Build & Test where for example you can build your tower and a simulated earthquake will see if what you built was strong enough. Isn’t that exciting!  There’s also the LEGO 4D Cinema which also another favorite that makes you watch short LEGO films. The Land of Adventure is about Johnny Thunders expedition to the Jungke, Dino Island and desert. It is divided in to 2 different zones, Egypt and Dino Island. LEGO City is a big area meant for younger kids that entails a lot of physical activity and most are interactive.  This is also where you find Market Restaurant, the main destination for eating where you guessed it right, is fairly expensive!!! So that means, no Market Restaurant for me. Mini-land is where you see different landmarks in Asia and this where all the intricately created displays are seen. If only for this area, my trip to LEGO land is even more worth it.


In general, yes I enjoyed my LEGO land adventure because I am a HUGE LEGO fanatic. But it’s really meant for the kids and therefore a perfect destination for families.  Make sure to bring sun protection such as hats, shades and sunblock as it could really get too hot especially around noon time going to mid afternoon.  It’s a must visit especially if you’re in Malaysia or nearby Singapore.  A visit I’m sure can create happy memories for your kids.

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